About Aussie Bot Studio

Aussie Bot Studio was established in 2017 and our mission is simple.
One cannot troll the normies 24/7 online alone, we must unite and bolster our efforts offline as well.
A well placed meme or design on apparel can spark a thought, a disscussion, a friendship.

It could very well save a life in these times just showing others there are those who stand with them.

At Aussie Bot Studio we believe in freedom of speech, freedom of expression, the chance at peace and the pursuit of happiness.
And we will always give our best fight in backing those who fight for these uninaliable God given rights.

Aussie Bot Studio doesn’t just aim to offer high quality apparel, we aim for a reciprocal business that benifits and adds value to the people as a whole.

Our garments are printed/pressed and processed in regional Victoria Australia, we import blanks from the USA, these are made from Bangledesh cotton. While we aim for 2-3 day processing time, that isn’t always acheivable, we will follow up immediately if there are any expected delays. Please add contact@aussiebot.co to your contacts so that our emails don’t sneak into your junk folder.

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Refund & Returns Policy

At Aussie Bot Studio if we fuck up, we accept all responsibilities for our actions, as JFK said: “There is no such thing as a mistake until you refuse to fix it.” 

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