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How To Unfurl Your Soul’s Wings
~Michael Gray Griffith

Cafe Locked Out, travels the country looking for Australians brave enough to take on the invading and consuming silence with nothing other than their voice. We are also populated with hosts who are all passionate and brave defenders of Free Speech.

Freedom of Speech is a hard-earned gift from our past generations. A holy tool from which you can fix problems, and construct not only your dreams, but a world where your children can realise theirs. It is the liberating weapon you need to tackle all those who wish to conceal you under the cage of who they think you should be, and how they think you should think and feel.

Did you really fight your way out of the nothingness to reach this miraculous light just to be a quiet slave?

To give birth to new slaves?

I know you know the answer. And I also know, that you have everything you need inside you to become a beacon of hope for the ones here who are lost and those who are yet to come.

And all you need to do to activate that version of you, which “fear”, fears the most, is to find your Courage.

And once you do, with ears you didn’t know you possessed, you will hear Angels cheer, and feel God, who is always waiting within you, nod and smile, for he will know that you have just begun the inner journey to find what he wanted you to find, his greatest gift, The Holy Grail, which is the noblest and strongest version of YOU.

That version of you, who will allow a piece of heaven to reach and bless this earth. For now, no matter what they do, they will never be able to enslave you, for your heart will beat to the drum of liberty, and your soul, fuelled by your own courage and God’s good light, will have finally broken their chains of fear binding the wings we were all born with, the wings they have always tried, and they are trying now to conceal them, for they fear them . . .

Those human wings, your wings, that Freedom of Speech can unfurl.

~Michael Gray Griffith

Cafe Locked Out

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